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Steve Kazmir...really......


Two lefties? Thought only one - Randy Choate. Balfour & Wheeler are righties. And Steve Kazmir?

Bullpen is definitely our biggest concern, hopefully Howell is able to come back in a few more weeks and help bolster that, but as long as the starters are taking care of a majority of the innings, it isn't too glaring a weakness.

Dan Flaherty

Ouch, thanks for the correction on the righty/lefty deal. Per Kazmir, I really liked him and thought the trade to the Angels was a sign the team was throwing in the towel last August. I know he's had his inconsistencies, but he was still a top starter on a World Series team and not long ago the most coveted young lefty in the game. I think Dave's right that the weakness in the pen isn't too glaring. The purpose of all these posts looking at the contenders is just to find out what will sink them IF they come up short. And as I said at the end of this post, Tampa's problems are awfully manageable when you compare it to everyone else. This is a heckuva team.

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